Connecting Arduino UNO to PC

by Rezz on October 2, 2011

Before you start your arduino projects, you need to setup the connection between your PC and arduino board. The setup is simple all you need is;
1) Arduino board

2) USB cable (A plug to B plug)

3) Arduino Environment Software

4) Your PC

Follow the steps below;
1) Download Arduino Environment Software (compiler and driver) here.

2) Unzip to your drive. ie D:\Arduino

3) Connect your arduino board with USB cable and USB port at your PC

4) Windows will asked for driver, install the driver manually. Arduino driver located at D:\Arduino\arduino-0022\drivers

5) Open Arduino Environment Software, located at D:\Arduino\arduino-0022\arduino.exe

6) Select your arduino board type Tools>Boards>Arduino UNO

7) Select your serial port, Tools>Serial Port>COM 7 (COM # depending what COM port is free during setup)

8) Open sketch example, File>Examples>1.Basics>Blink

9) Click upload button to upload the code to arduino. Wait until “Done Uploading” message status appear. The LED should blinking and you have succesfully install your arduino! Have fun.

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