Arduino Serial Communication

by Rezz on October 4, 2011

Arduino can send output through serial communication to your computer over USB. The output can be anything such as status, text, sensor reading, value, number etc. You can view the status output by clicking Serial Monitor button at Arduino Environment software.

Parts List;
1) 1x USB cable A-B
2) 1x Arduino

1) Connect your arduino to your computer using USB cable A plug to B plug.

Upload this code to your arduino

  Serial Communication
  Arduino can send output through serial communication to your computer over USB.
  Coded by:
void setup() {
void loop() {
  Serial.println("output text send through serial print");
  Serial.println("delay 3 seconds");

Instruct arduino to start serial communication with 9600 bits of data per second.

Serial.println(“output text send through serial print”);
This is an example output text data send through serial communication

Delay for 3 seconds before repeating the loop.

To view this serial communication, you have to click Serial Monitor button at Arduino Environment software.

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